Sunday, November 30, 2014

This end of November is a Big Deal - 2014

You know how there's always those weeks that sort of are bonkers every year? Ours is in November.

The bro took me to see Margaret Cho for my Christmas present. We were SO CLOSE, but being that close made it impossible to sneak a pic of the set. It was awesome though.


My niece turned 15! How the hetch (as the baby says) did that happen??

And then one day later:
Her mom had a birthday! I won't say how old, because that's rude.

Our sister from another mister's accidental album cover.

Punkin was like eff sports.

I looked squishy.

My favorite thing is using Hipstagram on random to take action shots during parties.

And then, of course, there was Thanksgiving:

Which I mostly forgot to take pics of because I was eating.

The end of November is always a Big Deal. On Tuesday, we've got the baby's birthday--though he's turning four so he's now the kindergartener...but that doesn't flow off the tongue as well, and he doesn't mind being called baby (so long as we don't put him in a corner).

I'll probably have pics of that, too. It basically counts as this expanding Big Deal Week, now that he's old enough to ask for stuff and look forward to it.
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