Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Overnight oats!

You guys, I'm so on board the overnight oats train.

I've always loved oatmeal--but the instant kind I grew up with, not the bland, gluey stuff that comes with stovetop cooking. For a while, I are steel-cut oats, but I like those better cooked the way you cook risotto--which is delicious, but takes more time than I like / am able to give in the morning.

And then, overnight oats.

So I went to the store on Shopping Day, got a giant tub of rolled oats--not quick cook or instant--and a box of almond milk, and I decided to try it.

I haven't done the yogurt-style method, but with just almond milk (or whatever kind of milk you use), it's so simple:

- one part oats
- one part milk
- any mix ins you want

Cover it (I usually just put a plate over the bowl I'll be eating out of), leave it overnight, then eat! I put it in the fridge because we have two cats and I don't want to eat cat-fur-oatmeal or cat-paw-oatmeal. I also usually nuke it for about a minute just to make it a little warm and comforting.

The bowl pictured here is oats and almond milk + about a teaspoon each of ground flax and chia, and a palmful of trail mix (mostly cashews and some raisins, at this point), and brown sugar because I like to bad-up my perfectly healthy breakfasts.

It's also good with yogurt-raisins. My next box of milk is coconut, so I'll be trying it with that. Then the one after that is cashew-almond-hazelnut, and I hope that's as good as it sounds because cashew is my fav milk and hazelnut is my fav nut. I think this oatmeal would be good with a glob of peanut butter melted in. And with more dried fruit.


Have you tried overnight oats? How do you mix em? What're your favorite combos of flavors? Share in the comments!

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