Saturday, February 7, 2015

Today's Tea - Celestial Seasoning's Blueberry Breeze

This is also known as the No Mom Tea because my mom is allergic to blueberries. Also, my chosen cup for today is classy AF, so there.

This has a fantastic smell--like blueberry jam, made with actual blueberries, not really that fake blueberry smell like markers or something. Judging by the lack of purpleness in the tea, though, I'd guess that it's flavoring and not actually blueberries, which is sad because then you get the flavor but not the antioxidants. This is white tea, however, which has more antioxidants of its own than any other sort of tea, so I guess there's that.

The tea itself is not sweet, but there's also no bitterness at all. White tea is like some delicate spirit of tea-ness--it tastes like tea, and here, it brews pretty strong, but it doesn't get bitter, so it doesn't need sugar or milk...though it might be good brewed London-fog style straight in warm milk with some sweetness, if you leave it to get strong enough to taste it over the taste of milk.

I think I'll try that next...

I've had these around for a while, and the flavor is still strong and not at all stale or skunky, and since I have so many teas, that's definitely a thing I look for.
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