Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today, I'm INFJ

I've apparently gotten judge-y in my old age of 32.

I took the test over here, same as the last time I took it, when I was INFP! I think that 78% is a little more than 'strong'; it's close to the right-brained score I got one time that the teacher administering called "almost dysfunctional"--she was amazed I could live in society without being locked up somewhere!

I think if I'd taken this test in middle school, when they were giving me all those IQ tests that showed I was bright but not quite gifted, the I-score would have been much higher. I was way less able to handle, like, talking to people and doing things back then.

What's your personality type? What have you noticed about yourself and how it matches with your type?
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