Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shonagonisms - 100 Things In This World That I Love - listography: Samantha Holloway

listography: Samantha Holloway:

  1. tea
  2. chocolate
  3. sunshine in spring, when it's warm but not enough to make me burst into flame
  4. the light through green trees that wave in the wind
  5. daffodylls
  6. roses
  7. Emily Bronte's poems
  8. Robin McKinley's books
  9. Anything written by Neil Gaiman
  10. The Dresden Files
  11. home made cake
  12. 50s pyrex glassware
  13. t-strap vintage shoes
  14. shimmery nail polish
  15. icecream in unusual flavors
  16. washi tape
  17. instagram
  18. Doctor Who (especially Ten, but really all)
  19. unabashed gleeful geekiness, like Nerdist
  20. metafiction
  21. tree-ripe peaches in the early summer, when they taste their best
  22. lychees straight from the can
  23. guava paste
  24. the smell of fresh-baked bread
  25. actually making the bread--it's so primal and soothing
  26. making ceramic pots on the wheel
  27. embroidery
  28. origami
  29. the breeze off the ocean on a chilly, rainy day when it brings fog
  30. the smell of the wind over a heather field in the hilly Scottish countryside
  31. petting soft kittens (or, really, any cat with fur)
  32. the smell of old books
  33. the smell of new books
  34. the look of books as decoration
  35. walls covered in mismatched pictures
  36. wallpaper with weird and vintage designs
  37. velvet victorian-revival chairs
  38. napping in the grass under a tree
  39. making love under a tree
  40. swimming when there's no one else in the pool
  41. watching seeds I've planted come up with their first little leaves
  42. watching babies figuring things out for the first time
  43. office supplies
  44. collecting quotes
  45. making collages
  46. comic books, even if I'm not impressed with the story in them
  47. interesting-shaped glass bottles
  48. dollhouse miniatures with more detail than the actuals
  49. foods that are the wrong color or the wrong size--purple potatoes, red bananas, sliders, tomatoes the size of your head, tiny taco salads
  50. flan
  51. meditating outside on a nice day
  52. moving through airports when I'm not in a hurry
  53. takeoff and landing on airplanes
  54. silk skirts
  55. men who smell like sweet spices and sandalwood
  56. pinstripes on a suit
  57. corsets
  58. sleeping in
  59. sleeping at the wrong time of the day
  60. writing when everyone else is asleep
  61. having the house to myself
  62. cooking whatever I want for dinner
  63. unexpected days off
  64. standing and walking in snow
  65. wraps instead of hoodies
  66. hoodies instead of jackets
  67. vintage-style jackets instead of modern ones
  68. feathers and flowers in my hair
  69. cat-eye eyeliner
  70. silver bangles
  71. emeralds
  72. black pearls
  73. black opals
  74. amber
  75. labrodorite
  76. going thrifting and finding the perfect item I didn't know I needed
  77. losing weight without trying (rare)
  78. smoothies
  79. having breakfast outside in the shade while the world wakes up
  80. pannetone at christmas
  81. cannollis
  82. tiramisu
  83. paintbrushes, even when I'm not using them
  84. wardrobes instead of closets, or while using the closets for something else
  85. scrapbooking notions, especially the paper and the journal cards
  86. noisamajigs
  87. traditional embroidery and woodblock prints on fabric
  88. new notebooks
  89. hand-binding books
  90. getting letters in the mail
  91. enjambment and internal rhyme in poetry
  92. bootleg videos of things I haven't seen since I was a kid
  93. making up new literary genres
  94. learning words that don't exist in english
  95. le pen pens
  96. iphone apps that do just what I wanted an app to do
  97. the idea of living in outer space
  98. geeky teeshirts
  99. blazers with skirts
  100. knee socks

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