Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - What I like most about Doctor Who

Oh, how I lurve me some Doctor Who!

  1. Narratively, the fact that this is one character that has been eleven different characters, but still, somehow, essentially and quintessentially the same character, is just amazing
  2. The experience of being a fan of this show in the age of the internet is stunning--the websites, the theories, the art, the news, the tea, everything!
  3. There is literally something for everyone
  4. You don't have to know anything at all about the Classic Series, but if you do, it adds this whole other level of metatextuality to the series that supports and calls back and strengthens and adds little jokes to the current run
  5. It's scifi that's actually fantasy--and fantasy that is always brought back to scifi
  6. What other show has made pepperpots so freaking scary?
  7. Ten! My Future Husband David Tennant!
  8. It's so very open--to age, to race, to sexuality, to interspecies relations of all sorts, to every freaking weird idea anyone has ever had...
  9. It's fundamentally optimistic about the human condition--people go wrong all the time, but the Doctor loves us enough to keep coming back over and over and saving us, and he believes that we're good, and most of the time we prove that we are.
  10. Companions! And almost companions like Sally Sparrow, that kid Tim who could see the future, Lynda-with-a-Y, the mother from the Narna Christmas special, everyone. Awesome people who get to do these awesome things that we can dream about but probably won't ever actually get to do.
And I could go on. I probably will, at some point.

What do you like most about this wonderful, weird, funny, intense show?
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