Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weird Foods - Blk water

I thought this was water in a black bottle, but no--it's really and truly black water. Apparently it's infused with fulvic acid, which is a result of plant matter rotting down in woodlands and is part of healthy soil and that makes it black. The claim us that with a high ph of 9, it can help balance the ph of the human body.

I live things that are the wring size or the wring color, and I'm always curious about weird health claims, so I just had to try it. I was afraid it would taste sour, but it didn't taste like anything, really. Dirt of like the cheaper sort of bottled water that just tastes like the bottle. It didn't smell like anything either, and if it realighned my ph even a little, I didn't notice it!

So really, other than the color, not much to justify the high-ish cost unless long term consumption really dies have some health benefit.

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