Friday, March 1, 2013

101 Things Update - Feb's End 2013

How can it possibly be March already?? I feel like February was shorter than it's already shorter-than-other-months length.

I decided that my project will be less about single-accomplishment goals and more about improving my life and myself as a whole, and so that's become my focus--and I needed a focus!

Here's what I've done on the 101 Things project:
  • I determined that I was going to do 101 Things in 1001 Days, and in the second full week of Feb, I took a few days to come up with my list -- which is still not time-set, but a lot of that is because I don't have any concept of what I'll even have time for after Grad, and I need to focus on that right now, first. But the list is made, and I'm easing into it.
  • Find a way to have a library so I don't have to keep getting rid of my books -- I haven't built or bought anything yet, what with money being tight again, but I've been looking at all the cheap ways people organize their books online, and I'm gathering ideas.
  • Plant a garden and keep it alive throughout this project -- I planted cilantro and basil, and they're both sprouting up! No leaves yet, but I can see their little rooty feet sticking out of the seeds. Next up is an order from Burpee for a selection of their patio-bred veggies, and then I'll be planting and sprouting them before the end of the month.
  • Find small, cheap, but pretty home-decor projects -- I found these super-cute little shadowboxes, and painted them. The outside of the big one and the inside of the small one are sort of an ocean-turquoise, and the inside of the big one and the outside of the little one are a Greek-isles sort of blue. I'm working on making them into pretty little displays. Pictures probably some time this week or next.
  • Keep up with penpals -- I wrote four letters this past weekend! Even with no actual outgoing mail slots in this whole apartment complex!
  • Make a mock-lambskin rug -- Not started yet, but I sourced the webbing-stuff and I picked the ideal yarn out. Now it's just a matter of saving up!
  • Finish Married To The Wind and send it out for publication -- I've got ten days to get through four hundred pages and make them sparkle. I think I can do it.
  • Write a poem a week -- I wrote at least one a week this whole month, and sometimes wrote more than one. Feb was sonnets, and I think some of them were even pretty good!
  • Lose 40 pounds -- I'm down three pounds! Whoo!
  • Go back to yoga -- I did a full week and it made my back feel better, and then I moved into the next week and it made my back feel worse and so it's been spotty, but I'm doing it a few days each week, and remembering why I loved it so much...and realizing how many of the positions I've totally forgotten and need refreshers on!
  • Do morning pages every day -- Only missed three days in Feb, a huge improvement over Jan, when I hardly did any!
  • Document more actual daily events -- Right now, I'm using a combo of a full-size desk calendar hung on the wall for current scheduling and recording, then, once it's the new month, moving that over and ordering prints of my Instagram pictures through Printstagram and making the old month's page into a sort of giant scrapbook. It's sort of messy, but it doesn't require much more attention or effort than a regular calendar, and I like how it's looking.
  • Learn ten songs beginning to end -- I've been writing lists of ten songs I want to learn how to sing, and the only one that's consistent is What The Water Gave Me, by Florence + The Machine. It'll probably be, like, three of her songs and seven of totally random other ones.
  • Find fun ways to make the clothes I have last longer -- I started patching my favorite orange skirt last weekend, and I'm going to finish it up this weekend, and I'll post about it after that. I think it'll be cute, and when it's done, I'll be fun-patching my other favorite skirts that are so favorite that they're now full of holes.
  • Make and fill an art journal -- Very tentatively started this one, but going is slow since I haven't quite figured out how much time it'll take me to be physically creative like that and time's been tight. But I signed up for a guided art journaling course and I found a whole bunch of great art journaling blogs, and now I get them in my inbox to inspire me.
  • Create a nail polish color and a tea for each book I read -- I'm really enjoying doing this! I listed the ones I have so far on the writing blog (a few posts back, now), and I'm going to keep going. You can find all my teas on Adagio by searching for Samantha Holloway.
Considering that I haven't looked at the list since I posted it (and that's part of why I'm doing this end-of-the-month review, to make me look), and that I started half way through a short month, I think that I'm not doing all that bad!

Are you guys doing a 101 Things Project? How are you doing?
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