Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three Things - Pets

First Pet: Technically, a pair of white rabbits named Cottontail and Peter (hey, we were kids!), who were fluffy and white and really dumb, but they weren't much for snuggling or being in the house (they lived in a hutch outside on the back porch), so I count my first pet as Rhiannon, the blue-point Siamese we have when I was eight. She was a tiny, skinny little thing, and we weren't all that nice to her, but she loved us and we loved her, and we were all devastated when she got Feline Leukemia when we moved back to the states.

...I don't seem to have any pictures of her, specifically, but she looks like that one up there. But darker. And sort of skinnier, but not as skinny as those super-model looking cats that turn up when you search for skinny cats!

Current Pets: Right now, just Ninja. Her real name is Melissa Johnson the Cat, but Ninja suits her better. She's sneaky. She moves suddenly. She hides in strange places where cats don't usually either go or fit. She's a wonderful little furbaby, and she's about ten years old, give or take. I want to get her a kitty-friend when I get my own apartment, and sometime in the next few weeks, I'm going to get a mini fishtank and fill it with little live-bearers who take care of themselves, look pretty, and don't root up and eat all the plants...but what I really want are goldfish. Another thing to wait on my own place for, though, because they need bigger tanks.

Dream Pet: A dragon! Game of Thrones is making me want one all over again, but I want more of the smart and charming Pern kind than the vicious and burning Westeros kind. (I'd be happy with a Pern movie, really, what with dragon-CGI getting so good and all lately). If not that, then a unicorn.

If not that, then something exotic but real like an ocicat, or a savannah. Or, like, a really huge cat and a really tiny cat at the same time.

What about you?

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