Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Currently 3-19-2013

Time: 8:87

Place: Bedroom (which is also my office) at home.

Eating: Nothing, because my stomach is all wibbly from excitement!

Drinking: Soon, it'll be good old fashioned tea.

Reading: Not much lately; I haven't had much time this week, and we're in an inbetween / discussion week at school, so I haven't read anything for that. I started Beautiful Creatures, though, and I'm loving it so far.

Watching: I wish it was the Veronica Mars movie! Actually, it's the clock.

Listening: To people wake up in the house and the birds outside.

Making: A mess, packing. Less recently, I bought crayons! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I discovered all the special-collection packs Crayola has out right now and I couldn't resist--rock n roll? pirates? space? I'm there!

Promoting: Incidental Twin! I'll get new stuff up when I get back from ICFA, sometime.

Hating: Not much-- I'm on a roll. Maybe my defective adrenal glands that keep telling me that excitement is the same thing as mortal fear? Because that sucks.

Exploring: What it means to be a writer and a crafter NOW, as opposed to when I started doing all this stuff. Things have Changed, my friends, and it's a valid occupation now...which I haven't quite wrapped my head around...

Anticipating: ICFA!

Planning: How not to be a gibbering idiot when I get there. The thing about being shy, introverted, and not really all that quick on my feet in live social situations is that they're terrifying, and the more they mean to me, the more I have to think of things to say and do ahead of time! Mostly it doesn't matter--you can't guess conversations and other people's reactions-- but it's like a safety net. It's for comfort.

What're you up to?
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