Thursday, March 7, 2013

Babysitter's Tales - Cheese Feet

Today was a good day with the kidlets. Mostly, really, it was a good day with the baby, who was home all day (as is usual for a baby) while A1 and R were at school. He was in a good mood today, snacking and practicing standing on his head and dancing to all the songs on the kiddie channel.

At some point, I gave him one of those cheese-goop-and-cracker-stick snack things, and he ate it the way you're supposed to by dipping the crackers--but he only scooped up a little cheese each time, so there was still most of it left when he was done with the crackers. So I gave him some cheezits, and then some chips, and it was still there, most of the cheese, only now it had chip bits in it, too.

He still wanted to eat it, but he didn't like how it felt on his finger, and while I was trying to convince him that it was fine, we'd wash him up when he was done, he discovered that action figure feet make pretty good little spoons.

So he'd dip the dude's feet in the cheese, scoop it out, laugh at it and go "Cheese feet!" every time before sucking the goop off the feet. It was hilarious. I wish I'd taken pictures!

Other silly things today:
- He's decided he doesn't like the little beany stuffed fish they have unless it's looking away from him and not touching him.
- Iron Man with no arms, one leg and no head is better than any other action figure there is.
- Anything that can kick something else in the pee-pee is the funniest thing in the world.
- Traffic jams are the best thing to do with toy cars--especially when headless Iron Man can then come through and smash them all because they can't escape.

What goofy stories do your kids or babysit-ees give you?
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