Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life - Julie Morgenstern's To-Do List Advice - Oprah.com

Julie Morgenstern's To-Do List Advice - Oprah.com:

Basically boils down to: Avoid any of these things getting on your To Do List:

  1. Tedious things that should be done but don't bring you joy, and can be delegated to someone else who can do them better and will like doing so
  2. Things you feel pressured to do that you're only doing out of guilt, like hanging out with people you don't like
  3. Anything that makes someone else's issues your own, like continually reminding people of things they keep forgetting, but that don't have anything to do with you
  4. Tasks driven by worry, that could be easily fixed with automation, like remembering to pay bills that have an option for automatic payment
  5. Things that put all the stress and weight on you, like shopping for a whole party when you could make it a pot luck or delegate the parts
Good advice, I think!

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