Thursday, April 25, 2013

Delicious Dinner - The Best Thing To Do With Leftovers Is Fried Rice

We're running low on money this late in the month, and we needed something filling that used stuff we already had in the house.

Fried Rice!

Leftover ham from yesterday's dinner, an onion, some carrots, leftover corn cut off the cob, rice, soy sauce, and you have a delicious dinner!

And it's super-versatile. I've literally made this with all sorts of leftovers:

  • half a steak brought home from a restaurant and roasted veggies
  • last bits of salad veggies
  • last bits of a veggie platter from a party, and doggie-bag shrimp and chicken
  • egg and lunch meats
  • sausage (and one time, hot dogs, though that was really salty)
  • one time, only with alliums--onion, garlic, elephant garlic, green onions
Pretty much anything you have leftover at the end of the week? Throw it into the fried rice! It's less of a recipe and more of a technique--less of a technique and more of a way to clean out the fridge and not waste food!
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