Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Mani - Spring Blues

I've been painting my nails regularly for months, probably over a year now, since I started long before I started making my own colors. These are two of my favorite cheap commercial brands-- Sinful Colors doesn't do fancy topcoats or anything usually, but they put out lots of colors very frequently; Kleancolor has the most awesome Chunky Holos and Metallics.

Sinful Colors Grecian Sky, from last summer
Kleancolor Chunky Holo Teal

I did just a basic thing this week. This is the first time I've had a proper mani of any sort done in months--I'm usually wearing, like, ten separate colors because of formulating and swatching. But I wanted to do something real this week, since it's the first of my Monday Mani posts that I'm going to try to make a thing on the blog, and this is my basic go-to mani: a nice solid-color base, with glitter tips and glitter tops on the accent nails. 

You can sort of barely see in these pictures because the light is bad today (rainy weather! again!), but the glitter is this really great super-shimmery duochrome that flashes orange and green. The base is a touch greener in reality, exactly the color of the blue doors on those iconic Greek houses.

And you can just see how even hours after I thought they were dry, going to bed scuffs them up! Oh well. Next week I'll paint them earlier.

What do your nails look like today?
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