Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tea - Rose Tea Is Perfect For Cold Days

(pic credit: http://userealbutter.com/2009/06/10/rose-green-tea-infused-panna-cotta-recipe/)

Roses usually flower in the summer. This is moment, usually sometime in June, where all the roses in an area will be in bloom, and the world just wafts of roses everywhere.

I love the smell of roses. And I love eating and drinking things that taste like roses. To the point where I have a rose perfume, and I once had a guy at an Indian restaurant add more rose syrup to my rose lassi so that it almost tasted like that perfume. I just adore the whole thing.

(pic credit: http://gdlohas.en.made-in-china.com/offer/FboQgCVrAlhP/Sell-Herbal-Tea-Sweet-Black-Tea-Rose-Flavor.html)

In the middle of winter, or on other cold and grey days, it can be hard to remember that there actually are bright sunny days when the air is full of fragrant flower smells and everything is warm and sunny and wonderful. On those cold days, I like to drink rose tea. I'll drink it all through winter, in fact, if I'm feeling especially grouchy about the Seasonal Affective stuff, and that moment when you open the teabag or the jar, when you first drop the tea into the water and that captured smell of summer wafts up? It's one of the best moments in a bad winter.

I think rose goes especially well with tea because it's related, though distantly, to the tea plant. And because there can be a lot of subtlety and complexity in rose petals, just like there can be in tea leaves. It's floral, but in a fruity, tea-y sort of way, so it blends well on its own with tea, or you can mix it with vanilla, or strawberry, or just about any other red or pink fruit. If you add sugar and milk, it tastes just like Flower Kiss candies.

What's your favorite rainy-day tea?

(pic credit: http://www.zhitea.com/black-tea/vanilla-rose-tea.html)
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