Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Take Five - Cushions

I love a good throw pillow. In fact, I love them more than real pillows. I once had a bed with so many throw pillows* on it that I didn't need real pillows. This week's Take Five is going to be a look at lovely cushions I've oogled around the interwebs and wish I had for myself.

Nest Cushions by Zilalila: http://www.myadventureisyouradvantage.com/home/2012/4/24/nest-cushions-zilalila.html

They look so comfy! And I bet I could make some myself for fairly little with that big knitting loom I have...

Bigger Boat Pillow from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/77911711/reserved-for-stephanie-bigger-boat-throw?ref=sc_2

I just love the color and the pattern of the waves here. So simple, but so lovely!

From Tumblr: http://berengia.tumblr.com/post/9986878201/cushions-and-ottomans

I adore the gypsy side of Boho--I always have--and I love love love when it's mixed in with stuff that's cleaner or starker or more modern. This is flipping gorgeous.

Bold Blossom Throw Pillows: http://www.ilovetocreate.com/ProjectDetails.aspx?name=Bold%20Blossoms%20Throw%20Pillows

These are great. They're flowers, but they also remind my nerdy self of those bubble chamber trails that happen when someone smashes atoms in a collider. I adore this color-on-black look, too.

Canada Day Celebration Pillow: http://society6.com/RobinLusk/Fireworks-Zrl_Pillow

I just love the idea of this--taking really colorful, really dramatic photos and printing them onto pillows for around your house. Amazing.

Do you have any favorite-of-the-moment cushions or pillows?

* That lasted until we had Gou, the dog that was meant to be 45 lbs max and wound up over 70, who liked nothing more in the world than pulling the stuffing out of anything with stuffing in it.
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