Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Number One Future Husband David Tennant!

I just love this guy. Like, almost literally. If we met, and he was even partially as wonderful as he seems in interviews, it'd be totally literally, and if you have ever actually met me in person, I'm pretty sure I've said "we're only not married because we've never met" to you.

 In honor of his birthday, which is today (and is not marked on my Doctor Who calendar (or any of the Doctors' brithdays) like a holiday, which is a fail, if you ask me), here's a bunch of Doctor Who stuff.

 As if he never did anything else with his career.

 Because it's Doctor Who that introduced me to his wonderfulness, and it's way hard to find silly quizzes about Casanova or A Single Father.

The "Which Doctor Are You?" Quiz
My Results:
Hm, bad example.

The "Super Obscure Doctor Who Trivia Quiz"
My Results:

7-5 Correct – SMART SILURIAN!
Great job, Mastermind. You’re a Smart Silurian! You know quite a bit about the Doctor, can spot a newbie companion from 1000 paces and can reassemble a broken sonic screwdriver in no time flat. You’re an asset to your species!
The "Which Doctor Should You Date?" Quiz
My Results:

And here are some awesome pics of this lovely man:

This last one is so true I could just fall over.

Happy birthday, David Tennant! May every year be awesome!
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