Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gardening - 5 ways to help save the bees | MNN - Mother Nature Network

5 ways to help save the bees | MNN - Mother Nature Network:
Honey bee on a flower
(pic and list credit go to the link above)

Click through for the discussion, but the basics are:

  1. Don’t spray pesticides. 
  2. Buy organic.
  3. Don’t support industrial honey. 
  4. Plant a bee-friendly habitat. 
  5. Get heard!
Do you have any tips to add? I used to do this Citizen Scientist thing where I'd count bees in the neighborhood in spring to see how healthy the area was. I was a terrible CS, but I did like looking at the bees--St Augustine had these beautiful little fly-sized emerald green bees! It seems like here, all the bees are huge, classic bumble bees, and with the cherry trees in full flower, they're everywhere, which is great to see if you like honey as much as I do.

Speaking of, I should go find some local honey to help with my allergies this year...

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