Monday, March 10, 2014


I first heard about GrazeBox a while ago, from Cara McGee, who I follow on a number of sites, who draws the most amazing pictures, and who mixes wonderful fandom teas (that alone would have made me a fan), but at the time that I tried to join, they weren't accepting new members. 

Then last month, they were, and I signed up so fast I gave myself whiplash. 

The Setup:
  • It's a recurring subscription for a set of four delicious and healthy snacks.
  • It costs a flat 6$ each order.
  • It comes every two weeks in most places; there's a few places where you can get it every week, but I am not in one of those places.
  • There are 90 different snacks you could get at any time, and I'm pretty sure they're adding new ones periodically.
  • They're pre-portioned to be healthy even when the snacks are a little on the less-healthy side.
  • They're really original snack items. This box was BBQ Pistachios, spicy nuts, dried apples and toffee-dip, and a bread thing I'm going to give to someone else because gluten.
  • You can rate each snack they send you so you can get the ones you love more often, and get the ones you hate not at all.
  • You can tell them not to send ones that have stuff you can't eat (I'm just going to share mine, because there's too many off the list if I exclude gluten, and not all of those have bread-things in them).
  • The box is recycled, recyclable, pretty, and sized to fit in your mail box!
  • The snacks ARE a little small, but that's because snacks are supposed to be. It's just that they're so delicious I want to eat more!
  • I wish I could have it more often!
So, basically, TLDR, I LOVE this whole idea and I'm keeping it.

If you want to sign up, use the code QQ5YP9K7B to get your first and fifth box free!
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