Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Link Roundup #1

Did you know Stash Tea has a whole bunch of chocolate-flavored teas? I didn't!

12 selfie tips learned from that pic that Ellen stole the internet with.

This wine-subscription helps you figure out what wines you actually like, and isn't all that expensive, either!

Tips on how to capture memories while being part of them.

Truth cards.

The Lady Of The Fountain sounds like a perfect summer cocktail.

This shirt costs too much for me right now, but look how cute it is!

Blog scheduling tips!

This Asian Chicken Salad sounds like something I really seriously need all the time.

Cats Through History, A Contrarian View

A foodie theme park? I want to go to there.

I love everything about this tableau--the eyepatch on the statue, the framed theme song, the feathers, all of it.

Fifteen delicious-looking vegan lunches.

Make Your Own Emergency Hangry Kits

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