Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ten Good Things - February 2014

1. Officially down ten lbs from my starting weight!
2. Made friends with Lexi.
3. Sent orders to Spain, France and Germany for the first time
4. Got to play in the snow!
5. Someone vaguely connected to us and somebody with the same last name as us did well in the Olympics, which feels like it reflects well on us, even if it doesn't.
6. Used art to avoid an anxiety attack successfully.
7. Set up my Wall of Awesome.
8. Mom got through a much needed surgery on her shoulder and is doing alright.
9. A2 called me pretty! I love complements from babies.
10. Only broke the Diet once, when mom was first home from the hospital and I didn't have the time to attention to worry about what I was eating.

What were your good things this past month?
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