Saturday, March 8, 2014

Perfect poached eggs (if you don't leave it in the water too long like I did)

This is my GF answer to breakfast-for-dinner since I can't eat the waffles anymore and we couldn't afford the GF ones.

Rice + bacon + cheddar + poached egg

Om nom.

I love a poached egg, but doing it with the whole pan, stir, wrap it up thing is hard and I usually wind up with unflavored egg drop soup! So when I heard about this trick--use a microwave-- I had to try it.

It's so easy.

Put enough water in a bowl to cover an egg.
Drop a shelled egg in so that it doesn't break up.
Put a plate on top.
Nuke for a minute to a minute and a half, depending on how solid you like the yolk.
Eat yo egg.

I left mine in the water for about 30 seconds longer because I nuked the rice to warm it up and melt the cheese and it made the yolk solid, but still orange and translucent and that was fine by me, but next time I'm going to make sure the cheese is melted first so I can get that runny-yolk-rice-ness.
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