Saturday, January 10, 2015

Aunt-tea feels

I drink tea several times a day, and in the winter, basically all day long. The baby (who is four now and I'm supposed to be calling him the kid or the big boy now, but I keep forgetting) likes to open the microwave for me when it dings--he just calls out "your tea is ready!" From wherever he is and comes running. I won't let him pull the hot cup out yet--it's still over his head and I don't want him burning himself--but he loves being helpful with this thing I do every day.

A few weeks ago, when it first got cold, the kids wanted cocoa when they came in from playing after school because their faces and hands were cold, but we didn't have any, so I made them "milky sugar tea", and they loved it.

So I made it a few more times. 

Then yesterday, they were out of milk and I'd already claimed the jug for garden purposes, and A1, the older one, just looks at me with his little Farkle-from-girl-meets-world face and goes "can we have tea with just sugar then?", and how could I say no? I just wanted to squish his little squishy face, I was so proud.

Their sister, who is 15 started drinking tea before I moved up here, and it was one of the things we bonded over when I moved up here. But this is directly because of me--and now I really want to squish his face. And when the not-baby got up on the table and stuck his face into my mug, took a deep breath, and went "mmmmm, smells GOOD!", I just can't handle it. Their parents both drink coffee--this is me, rubbing off something good and healthy and me on their impressionable, thick, hard-to-get-through-to minds!

I just can't even.
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