Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ten Songs

I'm setting up for my day--which, today and tomorrow is full of typing--and that means that one of the first things I do is open up my Google Music page. I uploaded all my music there, ages ago, to save it from an imminent computer crash, and have been periodically updating my collection before each subsequent crash. It already includes all the CDs I made digital because I got tired of hauling their heavy selves back and forth from school, all the music various friends have given me and that I've found since then, after discovering in friends' cars, on TV, in soundtracks, through Pandora. All the one-hit-wonders I found so I could get rid of all those taped-off-the-radio collections I made in high school, right when taping-off-the-radio stopped being a thing and downloading from Napster took over (and then also that became a whole big problem and I had to go back to more legal means). It's a lot of music.

Last night, I saw one of those memes floating around Tumblr, where they tell you to shuffle your songs and post the first ten. I've been seeing this exact meme since I was on LiveJournal a billion years ago (net-time), and I think it's one of the oldest running internet memes. It feels like it is. And I still periodically do it.

So here's the first ten I get:

Every time I do this, I realize how many songs I have terrible metadata on--no names, no artists, no anything at all...

A bunch of songs I haven't listened to in ages (which is one of the perks of doing this thing once in a while!), but a generally accurate look at the span of my tastes! What're your first ten songs?
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