Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ritualizing your life

As I work through my Leonie Dawson Shining Life workbook, one of the things I keep coming back to thinking about is the idea of ritualizing-- of making things into rituals.

On the one hand, it means building a habit, which really also means dedicating time to something you think is worthwhile. 

On the other hand, it means making something sacred or it means finding the sacred in something. It's a sort of low-grade spiritual way of looking at the world, as I read it, and that makes everything feel softer, sweeter, calmer, more soulful (if I can use such a hippie-woo-woo word for it). I've never beed super concerned with my soul in the traditional sense, except for that spiritual crisis I flailed through when I decided I couldn't go to church anymore if I wanted to stay sane, but looking at the world through a more spiritual lens is much nicer than looking at it in that harsh grey light that calls itself "realism" and is actually just too sharp and hard to live in.

Combining the two meanings, I come up with this feeling of...I don't know if I have words for it. A cheerful connectiveness. A feeling that I'm working for my own good and showing the world how to be better--more gentle, less violent, less strict. I'm stating out loud (or at least on paper and blog) what I think is worthy of attention and what isn't, and I'm devoting time to those worthy things--time and energy and thought and personal agency. It's the way I choose to live, codified so I can remember it when things get stressful or anxious or hard.

Here's some stuff I'm trying to find ritual in:
- Daily writing and art practice, because how can I get better if I don't practice?
- Organization, because I'm not naturally organized and I tend to like clutter.
- Growing my own food in as much vast abundance as I possibly can.
- Sharing--being generous with you guys, with the world, with myself.
- Health--because I let it slide way, way, WAY too long and that was dumb, and I've learned from that to do better.
- Morning routines, because a good morning sets up for a day without the dithering and indescision I tend to live in.
- Self-care of the warm-bath / pretty clothes / new book / yummy tea / sleep in sort. Not every day, because I'd never get anything done, but more often than I have been, because I tend to push off and deny myself the stuff I know will make me feel better, and I don't know why.

What do you value? What things would you make into a ritual?

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