Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hair update!

It's been three or so weeks, and my hair is still blue! This actually is something along the lines of long-lasting like the box says, though it's a dynamic long-lasting. Like, no matter what shampoo I use--cheap-ass, regular, color-safe--it strips the color, big foamy handfuls of blue at a time. If I used the shampoo on the length of my hair ever, it'd probably be as faded as the top. 

That place that looks like a bald spot in this pic? That's the first of the bleached white showing at the top. The rest is almost back to brown.

Through te length, the cobalt is only really still at the ends; the middle of my hair is turning this sort of vintage peacock that I actually sort of love. If I could find that in a bottle, I'd go for that next time!

It's not quite ready for the purpling, but I think in another month it will be.

Oh, andast time I washed it, I used ACV and Baking Soda because the shampoo was irritating my scalp like it does, and it came out...waxier, so I'm assuming the ACV/BS would eventually strip it as much as regular shampoo does, it's just slower.

How's your hair doing?
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