Friday, January 2, 2015

Free Download - Etsy and Life Paperwork!

I did my Etsy year-end cleaning and figuring paperwork last night, and I discovered that I had been terrible about all things paperwork-y the whole year and it made it way harder than it needed to be, so I designed some new sheets to help me streamline the system this year.

And then I thought, maybe you guys might like to use these sheets, too? There's nothing at all fancy about them, but I made them so you can use them all year long, like I will be.

Monthly Paperwork for Etsy or another creative business:

  • Mark the month along the top
  • Fill in orders / incoming money on one side and Etsy bills, supplies costs, shipping and other outgoing costs on the other

Days on and days off tracker:
I've been working through Leonie Dawson's 2015 Biz Workbook, and one of the questions she asked that I couldn't answer was, "How many days off did you take this year?" I have no idea, because I didn't bother tracking that. So here's a super-simple way to track:

  • Months down the side, days along the top
  • Fill in days on, leave days off blank
  • Note space at the bottom so you can annotate those teeny squares if you need
  • Whole year on one page

Weekly activities for running an Etsy shop:

  • Six pages of exactly the same thing--you can print it huge to put up on a wall or a corkboard, or you can print six pages per sheet like I do, so it's stick-in-your-planner-size
  • Tracks the most important stuff for running an online creative shop: orders, mail, supplies, posting on Etsy, promo, paperwork, and deposits
I hope these can help you guys be a little more organized this year! I know I'll be, now that I've figured out these things!

How do you keep your life and your business organized?
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