Saturday, May 5, 2012

Incidental Twin: Announcement!

I'm going to start a cosmetics company. By the time I graduate, I'm going to have several coordinated lines of custom-made nail polish and eyeshadow, and then I'm going to start mixing perfumes to match, and from there, I'll expand into solid perfume, lipstick, other makeup things like blush and foundations. I'll revive my henna-tea selling initiative and make henna kits. After that, when it's established and I'm graduated and have the time, I'll expand into things to beautify the home as well as the self--pillows, jewelry, posters, handbound notebooks. But the main focus will stay on my home-made nail polish, and I will build it into a company I can take to shows and stuff.

The themes will be largely geeky--the first line is going to be Doctor Who, and a special edition for Married to the Wind, my novel. After that will probably be Sherlock. After that, I have a list five pages long of books, genres, jokes, people, movies, TV shows and general geekery that I'm going to figure out stuff for.

I figure I can start up the nail polish for between $200-300 for the supplies and the bottles and stuff. Probably something similar for the eyeshadow. The perfume will cost more because the oils already cost more, but that's why I'm working my way up to that. It'll be glorious, I'm telling you.

So after I move, after I get settled and find a job and figure out what my income is going to be, I'm going to start collecting supplies and testing ideas, and sometime earlyish next year, I'm going to launch Incidental Twin on Etsy (and maybe on Artfire and Goodsie), and build a webpage for it and a forum and then I'll have a home-based business of my very own.

So who's excited as I am?
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