Friday, May 18, 2012

What's Been Eating My Brain: Third Week of May, 2012

1. Everything is Ending
Each year, at the end of TV season, everything sort of ends at the same time, and I get about a week of unfinished questions, cliffhangers, and the wasteland that is summer viewing until I come up with something else to watch. I don't do well with unfinished stories, and cliffhangers kill me in new and interesting ways every year. It takes up a lot of space in my head until something else takes over.

2. Supernatural
Most of this term, I've been watching my way through the first six years of Supernatural to unwind at night--but now that I'm up to season six and staring down being caught up with what's available on Netflix, it's  gone and made itself a full-on fandom. Dean and Cas? Yeah, like I really needed another couple to root for*.

3. School is done!
I just have one more thing to turn in, ten pages for the workshop crits, which I have to finish typing before midnight tonight, and then I'm relatively free. Well, free of things I'll be graded on immediately. I still need to read The Hunger Games (and see the movie so I can comment on both) for in-class discussion, and I need to plan my Teaching Module, but I have maybe a week off where I can read whatever I want and I don't have to do anything that isn't self-directed.

I just started The Book of Lost Fragrances by MJ Rose, and four chapters in, it inspired me to see what I could cobble together with the very few fragrance oils I have laying around the house. So I made the first Beta of my own personal birthday scent, so it can have a week or so to marry and I can still have time to try again if it comes out weird. Which is related to...

4. Nailpolish!
I really am in love with it. I mean, I always was, but this past year, not working, with no one telling me that it's a health-risk to wear nail polish, I've been doing my nails every couple of days. And now that I've decided to start manufacturing my own colors, that's what I've been doing between other things. I've made a retro-sort-of purple, a birthday color, two test runs for a Married to the Wind color, one that came out a sort of glittery zombie green, and that bright yellow I posted before. I'm just itching for the spare money to get my proper supplies so I can really make them from scratch. And in the meantime, I've been making page after page of ideas and lists and notes.

5. Revisions
Soon, precious, I have to print up the entirety of the Monsterbeast and get someone other than me to read it, and then start really chopping and rearranging and rewriting. I don't even really know how big it's gotten, since I haven't made the end-of-term consolidated draft yet, but it's got to be pretty hefty by now, and I just want to get into it. I want to be done writing it so I can revise it, so I can sent it off and let someone else worry about it for a while. And then I can write Ember or Beacon and be back in the fun part of writing, when everything is new and anything is possible.

*on top of Jane and Lisbon, Castle and Beckett (who finally hooked up, and did it exactly as you should on TV!), Finch and Reese (or Reese and Carter, either's good for me). Actually, now that I think about it, Booth and Bones are happily together, Peter and Olivia are meh-ly together, and I don't watch NCIS enough to keep up on Ziva and Tony, so, yeah, I do have space for a new couple. Also, I think the fear of women / fear of loving relationships Hawaii Five-0 has is why I have trouble hooking into it as much as I might.
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