Thursday, May 17, 2012

Late night rambling

-I sloshed rose oil over my hand while attempting to mix a personal perfume for my birthday, and now I sort of smell like roses all over. I keep sniffing my own arms like a weirdo. -I kind of want to make a cup of tea even though that will defitely keep me up and it's almost 2am. -Somebody just roared past the house at alarming speed. There's a curve about a half block from us, and they were headed there. It's scary! -Tonight's Supernatural episodes made Souless!Sam look pretty awesome, then made him really creepy, then gave him his soul back and he's back to being riddled with guilt about everything. Also, I think someone needs to really give Cas a hug. He's been fighting a losing war all season, and still comes to help the boys when they need him. -I mixed a sparkly, summery birthday nail polish for myself today! I might tweak it some, but I like how it turned out. -That is all.
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