Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thought Question #810: Every person needs______?

(From Thought Questions:

I think every person needs food, shelter, water and safety. That's Maslowe's old Hierarchy of Needs. But after that, there's the peak of the needs pyramid, and we get into the more interesting answers to this question. I think everyone needs love. People who aren't loved early and often (in the emotional sense, get your mind out of the gutter!) come out wrong, missing some vital part of themselves, unstable. Sociopaths and psychopaths, and not the the nice, clean, useful way of, say, Sherlock or Dexter.

I think everyone needs a passion, something they like doing, whether they're good at it or not, something other than how they pay their bills and whether they can afford three square meals, and all the other dumb things that clutter up a life and use up attention spans--something that they truly believe in, that raises them up above the mess of daily life.

I think everyone needs acceptance--both for themselves and for others. Everyone should be allowed to be who they are, and they should be able to extend the same acceptance to everyone else; I think the whole world would be a better, happier, calmer place that way. Governments would be forced to unwind from meddling with people's lives, and religions would have to be more open and caring, and everyone, everywhere would be much, much happier.

I think everyone needs progress, or at least a sense of forward momentum. Humans are built on change, adaptation and novelty; if nothing moves forward, we stagnate. If we feel like we aren't getting anywhere, we frustrate. If we feel like we're losing ground or going backward or sliding down, we lash out and get possessive. Grand Progress For the Human Race is probably not something viable anymore, in the broadest senses, because there are just too many people around now, with too many definitions of Grand Progress, but each individual in the world needs to feel like things are getting better. Like they're getting somewhere. Like there's something to hope for.

What do you think every person needs?
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