Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Babysitter Tales - Ball

The baby, A2, and I were out in the carport to get some sun, and he decided he wanted to play a game. We had the basketball, but he gets bored with that because he isn't all that good at bouncing it yet, and he isn't strong enough or tall enough yet to make baskets, so he came up with a new game.

It goes like this:
He has two rocks, a big one and a small one, and he moves them up and down the stairs in some sort of pattern while I hold the basketball and wait on him. When they both get down to the ground, through whatever arcane logic goes through a two-year-old's head, then he runs over and grabs my skirt from behind and moves me back and forth and up and down the driveway until I'm just where he wants me to be. Then, he pushes on my butt with both of his hands and yells "go!" and I have to shoot the basket. Meanwhile, he runs around me and picks up this big stick with all these skinny little branches at the end and tries to catch the ball as it comes down, but he won't look at the ball when it's in the air because it's too sunny and so he has his eyes all squinched up and his head turned to the side. 

Then we start all over again.

We did this for maybe half an hour. Normally, the baby's repetitions get to me after a few times; I know he's learning things for the first time, but it gets tiresome. This, though, was actually fun, and he was so cute as he moved me back and forth just so.

It's the newest game on the block. Everyone'll be talking about it.
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