Monday, October 15, 2012

Shonagonisms - Ten random facts about me

  1. My favorite color is a very specific range of greens, so I tend to wear more blue because I'm less picky about it
  2. I will willingly and cheerfully watch videos of cats getting stuck in small spaces for hours
  3. I used to have such a heavy Scottish accent that when we visited family in the US, they couldn't understand what I was saying
  4. I don't believe closets are the best way to organize clothes; I'd rather have a room without a closet and a wardrobe, a clothes track and a series of hooks on the wall
  5. I would rather live in the UK than anywhere I've found here
  6. I feel most at home when I'm in an airport waiting on a plane
  7. I can't remember a damn thing without writing it down, and so I almost always have a pen and paper on me--and go a little bonkers when I don't
  8. I am a sucker for sweets recipes that include sweetened condensed milk, especially things like Magic Cookie Bars and variations on them
  9. I never thought I'd enjoy working out, but I actually do, and it weirds me out a little
  10. I'm pretty sure that English needs more compound words for things that are always used together-- evenif, afterall, lastnight, etc
What ten facts about you will you share?
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