Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Om Yom - Peanut Layered Gooey "Bars"

This is a recipe I found on Pinterest somewhere and I just had to try it. You take a box of devils food cake mix, an egg and a half cup of melted butter and make a thick, like, brownie batter out of it. Spread it into a nine by thirteen greased and parable it for eight minutes.

Crush up pretzels until you have a cup or so, and throw that on top of the base, then a cup each of honey roasted peanuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and Reece's pieces. Top the whole thing with a whole can of sweetened condensed milk.

Bake it for another fifteen or twenty minutes until its gooshy but set and let it cool as much as you can stand before you dig in. We didn't wait long enough and it wasn't the least bit bar like but it was delicious. Like, heavenly. A muddy wonderful mess!
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