Wednesday, October 24, 2012


A resurrected post from an old blog that I got in my inbox through one of those reminder email things, and still info I think is good to know!

notes for future crafting:
- you can make yarn out of nettles and it's similar to hemp yarn
- other fibers to find: recycled silk, banana, flax, bamboo, natural cotton
- yaks make yarn, too!
- added to sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, rabbits, fuzzy cats, camels
- i wonder if hairy cows make down? or, like, buffalo or elk or moose or something like that?
- and alaskan musk oxen! (called qiviut)

info to find:
- how to spin all these renewable natural fibers myself / how much of each plant is needed to make a viable amount and still have growing populations?
- how to recycle things that have already been clothified into new yarn
- is there such a thing as a home-built mill? how do you do it?
- directions for building home-made looms
- directions for building home-made spinning wheels
- places to get these lovely things on the cheap to figure out how they work...
- how to raise yarn animals, how many are needed, and what else they can be used for (milk? maneure? meat? pest-plant control? oils, like lanolin?
random other things i don't know about?)
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