Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Right Now

drinking water, even though I'd rather tea
appreciating being done babysitting for the day
watching Conan with Jennifer Garner and Tilly and the Wall
laughing because of Conan--he always gets me
eating Almond Joys
willing the day to last long enough for me to get rest before tomorrow!
waiting to go to the postoffice and mail my first sold nail polish set!
prepping to make more nail polish and launch a new line
opening to the wisdom of the Universe because I've been too closed off
sleeping hardly at all
remembering the ToDo list
brainstorming serials I could write for the writing blog
wearing tanktop and skirt, the at-home uniform
considering going to sleep early
making a mess with my micas
feeling headachy from the weather changing
getting tired!
loving life a little more every day I get to do something I like
having less than I need but more than I had
listening to the TV over my shoulder
crying no more
turning to look at the Cloud Atlas trailer
acknowledging that I still have a lot to learn--about everything
flipping my hair
enjoying possibilities I didn't have before
thankful for those same possibilities
joining the world again

(Taken from one of Elise Blaha's "Currently" posts, with much appreciation!)
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