Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Gratitude - 10-5-2012

Today, I'm thankful for:
  • Being able to send off my first shipment to my first customer!
  • Having most of the day to myself to do my own work without interruption
  • Not having to babysit today, because while they're awesome, they're also exhausting
  • My new mica colors came in, so I can start formulating the new nail colors!
  • Binka didn't wake me up this morning, and someone else fed her, so I got to sleep in
  • Fall weather is coming back, even if it's been warmer again
  • A1 has noticed that trees change color and is amazed every day on the walk home from the bus stop, and so I'm amazed, too
  • A2 likes to collect pretty rocks, and tells stories about each one, even though I can't understand a word he says
  • No one has gotten hurt, despite A1's habit of jumping off of things and A2's new game of let's-run-into-traffic-because-it's-funny-when-Auntie-gets-scared
  • I've started two new writing projects, and they're freeing up that tense feeling I get when I have to focus too hard and too long on one thing
  • I have great crit partners
  • When we have to move again, I get to have my own room again!
  • Even though I can't afford to ship my stuff up here yet, I CAN afford to keep the unit safe and stored for another month
  • All my shows returned this week or last week and now I'm spoiled for choice each night of the week
  • Tea. I'm always grateful for tea.
What are you grateful for this week?
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