Tuesday, April 17, 2012

List: Things I can do

Because sooner or later, ever skill will come in handy, I can...
  • do The Blockhead Trick, where I push a nail into my nose.
  • make amazingly consistent wafflecones by hand, without a mold, on up to four bakers at one time.
  • set up and maintain a freshwater fishtank.
  • walk a mile and a half in well under twenty minutes without feeling all that winded.
  • bind books using Coptic stitch, or dental floss, or an old Italian journal technique.
  • identify most semi-precious stones you're likely to find by sight, and know their main physical and metaphysical properties.
  • find information on almost any topic.
  • read four novels in a week.
  • write haiku on demand.
  • passably do several basic bellydance moves.
  • play piano.
  • count in Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish.
  • say thank you in around seven different languages. Or at least hello.
  • tell you far more than you ever wanted to know about The X-Files.
  • make paper from various supplies.
  • write with both hands--and with the same handwriting, if I'm using chalk on a board.
  • play Rockband like a beast, when it's a song I like, and it's on Easy.
  • crochet.
  • quilt, in several different styles.
  • quote Princess Bride almost line for line.
  • sleep almost anywhere.
  • make a pie from scratch.
  • drink an entire pot of tea in one sitting.
  • make my own soymilk (or nutmilks) from scratch.
  • embroider in a number of different stitches.
  • make hairpin lace.
  • do my hair in victory rolls.
  • make jam out of almost anything.
  • debone a chicken in three minutes, when there's a reason to.
  • understand Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classification systems.
  • speak in a Scottish accent.
  • identify most Brits, down to region, by accent.
  • make my own nail polish.
  • tell you more than you thought existed about tea.
  • do 'Filipino pole dancing'.
  • sing the Quadratic Equation.
  • sing "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" to the tune of Gilligan's Island.
  • read French. Somehow.
  • do sun salutations.
  • theoretically block a knife-wielding attacker.
  • make a ring, from silver sheet, a stone, and some wire.
  • pack two weeks' worth of clothes and toiletries into one bag.
  • make bread from scratch.
  • chop wood.
  • make bowls, plates and vases on a pottery wheel.
  • build and fire my own kiln.
  • make bricks from mud.
  • grow almost anything that has a seed.
  • polish sterling silver chemically, with stuff already in most homes.
  • make coil and pinch pots, and burnish them until they're waterproof without glaze.
  • identify a large number of world flags.
  • make a loom and weave on it.
  • make basic yarn.
  • read an archaeological site map.
  • tell the difference between skulls of several versions of humans.
  • untangle even the worst knots.
  • glue things back together so that they can be used again.
  • jump rope.
  • blow bubbles with gum.
  • roll my tongue.
What can you do? Lists like this are awesome for making you feel like you actually do have skills, lemme tell you what.
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