Friday, April 6, 2012

Things Yuki feels strongly about today

I'm subletting dogsitting while L is at work (she's dogsitting because N&S are in Japan), and the dogs are being a dream. It's Yuki, the super-cute evil, evil kitty who is being most entertaining. Here's her:

That page she's sitting on? The list of things she feels strongly about, which includes:

  • People moving past her
  • Her food bowl still being in a new place
  • Not being fed
  • Not being fed quickly enough
  • Dogs moving past her
  • Cornbread
  • Being told the cornbread isn't for her
  • Being told the corncread crumbs aren't for her
  • Dogs getting water
  • Dogs going outside
  • Dogs coming inside
  • Other cats moving past her
  • Me taking a picture of her for my blog
  • Being told the treats are for Vaksa, not her
  • Being told she can't have my water because she has her own
  • Being allowed to sit on both the pen and this list
  • Being told to move off the list
  • Vaksa barking
  • Me telling Vaksa to hush
  • Me noticing that she's head-bumping my knee
  • Vaksa playing with Lev on the carpet
  • Vaksa playing with Lev on the floor
And I'm only half way through the day!
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