Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SEO and you

Over on my writing blog, I'm doing a Platform Challenge for the month of April. Today was about making your blog SEO friendly. Now, generally, I'm about as apathetic as possible to SEO as a thing that I need to do consciously, but it occurred to me that while over there I'm exclusively building a writing career, over here, I'm building a Renaissance Business and a Lifestyle Career. And to do that, I need to think about SEO over here, too. Even though I haven't quite figured out exactly what I want to do for my sustainable, engagingly personal business, it can't be too early to start producing what the web wants to see, right?

To begin with, this was just a blog for entertaining myself. Then, when I started worrying about my attention and my interests being all fractured, I combined it with most of my side-blogs, and if they continued, they get posted here, now. Now, it's going to be the site of my holistic self-as-career.

So here's the answers to the questions of the platform challenge.

1. Make a list of things you want your site to be known for

Samantha Holloway
Being happy / how to be happy
Finding out who you really are
Green living
Accepting who you really are
Food / Foodie
Wishlists and neat things
Inspirational quotes, pictures, ideas

2. Compare these keywords with your content

I think I've done a pretty good job of encapsulating everything I love into one space, but it's only recently that I even thought about giving it all a direction or a purpose, so I have to work on that. I can post more often, and offer more insight, too. And I definitely need more geekery up in here.

3. Evaluate your SEO approach

Entirely nonexistent up until now. According to by analytics, my most popular posts, by far, are the ones I did ages ago when I was looking for inspiration on tattoos and piercings. Almost everything else has gone mostly ignored, which was fine for me, but now I have a purpose. I need to start thinking about keywords. I need to start shaping this potential space into something wonderful, where people like me can come and find that they aren't weird an alone. They're wonderfully weird and very much part of a group.
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