Sunday, September 16, 2012


Happiness: Seven Tips for Finding Your Tribe

Happiness: Meet Your Inner Pilot-Light

Spirituality: Have You Sold Out the Feminine to be More Spiritual?

Life: Stop Searching and What You Are Seeking Will Find You

Life: The Three Basics to a Centered Life

Health: Over 100 Superfoods for a Super You!

Life: Do It Now! Fix It Later!

Geek: An affordable* Officially Licenced Doctor Who** Scarf!

Geek: Google Glass is the first step to a real Heads-Up Display!

Happiness: Need Motivation? Maybe not!

Happiness: Five Reasons Not to Have Kids***

*if you consider $50 affordable, but since most of the hand-made ones run for, like, $200, I think it is.
**As in, from the show Doctor Who, not from the guy named Doctor Who, because that doesn't exist.
***Judging by the comments, a pretty divisive argument, and one based in mostly material issues, but something to think about. I do want kids--but I also want to be able to raise them, and these are five points that need to be thought of, I think, in a life as financially confined as mine...
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