Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Worksheets: Weekly Work Tracker, Yearly Events, Subscriptions, Critique Page

This is part of a weekly series to help you life a more organized life. Click the tag for more sheets!

This week, we have:

  • Weekly Work Tracker: A cell for each day of the week, perfect for those who have one job (or, if you have more than one, a sheet per job, and a weeks' worth of info for each). There's date, day, time in and out, total hours, total pay, and a section for notes in each cell. At the end, there's an open cell for reflection--the use of which is up to you!
  • Yearly Events: A one-page, at-a-glance grid to write a quick note to yourself about things that happen once a year: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, celestial events, yearly fees, whatever. There's a column for each month of the year, and there's 31 cells in each column, so you get the whole year on one page. There's not a whole lot of space, but it's enough for a year-at-a-glance!
  • Subscriptions: A chart to track your subscriptions! There's the usual date, name and cost columns, but I've added a column to note the kind, too--magazine, service, delivery, whatever you have a subscription to!
  • Critique Sheet: There's lots of times when you're asked to crit something--a work, an idea, an event. When you are, you can use this sheet, that helps you outline strengths, weaknesses, and offer advice. Pretty straightforward, but a great place to start.
Sheets are free to download, and if you use them, link back to here! If there are any that you'd like to see me make, just drop a comment and I'll add them to the list!
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