Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday Worksheets: Dreams, Travel, Obligations and Bonus for being late

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This week has been one of those weeks, and so I didn't get to post these yesterday. Since I'm a day late, I'm giving you four worksheets instead of the usual three!

This week, we have:

  • Dream Journal: You write out your dream in the middle space, in whatever order it comes to your recall, then, in the spaces on either side, you note where you missed a detail, or where an image shows up that you've dreamed before, or what you think may be the meaning or the cause of a part of the dream. Then, at the bottom, I've given a little space for musing on the dream to see what meaning or sense you can make of it. 
    • This one works best if you periodically return to these pages and add notes as you have more dreams and more knowledge of your subconscious to help interpret.
    • The point is to make a running and usable database of your own mind's interpretations so you know why you're dreaming--and to collect any inspirations and story ideas and whatever else you can get from them.
    • Print out a stack of these and keep them and a pen close to your bed so you can always have them on hand!
  • Travel Journal: There's space for an overview of what you meant to do in the day, then a large space for what actually happened (all your memories and stories go here), and at the bottom, space for you to make notes to yourself, to have a little reaction to the day's events, and a space for souvenirs--either actual things stuck to the page, like ticket stubs or whatever, or space to list what keepsakes you collected that day.
    • It's made for a page a day; simply print out one for each day of your trip!
  • Monthly Obligations: A straightforward listing of each day, with space to add bills, paydays, meetings, birthdays and anniversaries, parties, trips, appointments, and whatever else you need to remember on a month-view page!
  • BONUS: In-Reading Notes: Sometimes as you're reading, there are things you want to copy down or make note of. Here, you can! At the top of the page is space for all the info so you can find or cite the book again, then a large open space for you to make annotations and copy out quotes or note pages, or whatever else you may need to keep. Then, at the bottom, a little space to give an overall impression of the book.
    • This is great for research, too, since you can note arguments, quotes and the like easily.
So here are the downloads!
If there are any worksheets you'd like to see, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do!
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