Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Worksheets: Goals, Brainstorming, Exercise

This post is part of an ongoing series where I post worksheets to help you organize and clarify your life--all aspects of it! Click the tag to see more! 

This week's worksheets are for Goal Planning, Brainstorming and Exercise Tracking!
  1. The Goal Planner is for more long-term goals, and so is divided into sections for Monthly, One Year, and Five Year Goals. When you fill it out, make sure you put milestones--where do you want to be when you get to each of those time-frames? The Monthly one features each month of the year with a little space for each, great for New Years--but if you're starting now, just start where you are and either loop back to the top for the next year, or print a new page!
  2. There are a million ways to brainstorm, but this is a good, open one that I like to use. First, write down everything you know already--all the details in your head. Once your mind is clear, switch to the Refinements section and see where you can expand and connect up ideas. The go to the Concrete Plans section and determine the next steps.
  3. There's few things that are as empowering and as encouraging as actually seeing that you're actually making progress! This is a weekly tracker with space for six workouts a week, assuming you'll rest at least one day a week. At the top, there's space for weekly and monthly goals, and at the bottom a space to plan next week.
So have at em! The sheets are linked here:
If there are any worksheets you'd like to see, contact me at pirategirljack at gmail dot com, and I'll see what I can do! Otherwise, I'll just continue to share the worksheets that I use and that have been useful for teaching me how to function like an organized adult!
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