Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Question: Which are the most beautiful things you can think about right now?

Found on Tumblr:

  • The smell of kitty fur when she first comes inside on a cold day, and she's been in the shrubs
  • Rosepetals just as they're unfolding
  • Sunsets over the high, pointy peaks in Scotland, on a rare day without rain
  • How sharp and clean everything looks in the winter, when the sun is out
  • Babies, sleeping
  • Victorian party dresses, all lace and beads
  • Freshly baked anything
  • An old friend's face, when you haven't seen them for a long time, especially when they smile at you
  • New books, waiting to be read
  • Old books, waiting to be read
  • Fresh, clean new paper and a good pen
  • A dainty teacup full of steaming tea, with a full teapot nearby
  • David Tennant's hands (or, really, David Tennant)
  • A row of perfume bottles, with the sun shining through the window on them
  • A pile of presents, before they're open and they could still be anything
  • Sharing something you love with someone you love, and them loving it
  • Babies, laughing
  • Almost anything written by Neil Gaiman
  • Lon, running, evocative sentences, even when people tell me I should cut them
  • The first tomatoes of the season, just turning red
  • Rowan berries when there are no leaves
  • The ocean, when you've been away for a long time
  • The Cliffwalk in Rhode Island, in October, when the sun breaks through and lights up the water and the rocks and the air
  • Old mahjongg tiles
  • A comfy chair and a soft blanket on a cold day
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