Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Six - The Letter D

1. D is for Day: Which day of the week would you like to have two of?
I don't really have a regular schedule, so there isn't one specific best day, but it wouldn't be Monday. No matter what, Mondays just carry a funk with them--a day to be motivated, but also a day to be stuck getting back to work for the week.

2. D is for Drama: What is your all-time favorite television drama?
I don't believe in single favorites of anything. They're limiting and world-shrinking. Always have more favorites!

Straight-up dramas? I don't really watch all that many. I like shows that are lighter than that, or that have something speculative mixed in. So I like Castle, The Mentalist, Person of Interest, Sherlock, Fringe, Hell On Wheels and Bones. And more. I have literally dozens of favorite shows. If you bring in ones no longer running, there's also Firely, Farscape, SG1, Remington Steele, and I could go on.

3. D is for Dog: What breed of dog that you've never owned would you most like to?
I think shiba-inus are adorable, like tiny huskies. Any of the wolfdogs are great, gorgeous things, but I'd have to have the land to let them roam because they are not inside dogs. Jack Russels are adorable, and I especially like ones that are only half JR. I love corgies and yorkies.

4. D is for Drink: What single drink do you drink most often?
Tea. Without a doubt. Maybe water, but I think that's both dull and a tie. I drink so much tea. And I love it, and I'm sad I had to cut back because of caffeine sensitivities.

If we're talking alcoholic drinks, that'd probably be vodka-and-cran. Or variations thereof.

5. D is for Dessert: What is your single favorite dessert?
I love desserts. I'd eat them instead of dinner a lot of the time. I like the creamy, rich sort--key lime pie, cheesecake, tiramisu. Or the gourmet cupcake kind. Or just cake--my favorites are black forest, double-chocolate, german chocolate, and boston cream pie.

6. D is for Dime: What is the last thing you remember being able to buy for 10c or less?
Dude, that hasn't been the thing in decades. Probably back when I was a kid and there was that penny candy store across the street from my elementary school. They had these little chocolate cup things in brightly-colored foil cups, and they were a penny a piece. I loved them. They also had flavored sugar--like bulk pixie sticks--that you could buy by weight, and you'd just hand the guy whatever change you had and he'd give you that much of the sugar. Mmmm, childhood.

What are your answers to these questions, lovelies?

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