Saturday, December 27, 2014

Almost a new year!

There's a new year starting soon, have you heard? I hear it's something that happens every year. Most of the time, I do t really notice. I stopped making resolutions when I realized they weren't getting me anywhere. Mostly I look forward to a quiet, snowy January after the madness between the start of November and the end of December. But this year! This year, I'm done with how things have gone, and I'm ready to get inboard with that new year vibe, and I w read the Desire Map (working through the workbook over Jan) and I love the idea if making Intentions.

I'm going to try one ideal month, and see if it works. It'll have a writing, crafting, art, journaling, publishing, and self-maintenance schedule, and it'll hopefully be amazing. We'll see.

Do you have your copy of my January guided daily journal questions? Go to to get it, if you want some daily questions to journal through the month. There'll eventually be a whole year of those.

And there will eventually be much, much more wonderful stuff for you wonderful people. Keep an eye on this space.

And if you want, share what you'd like to see or have or talk about? What can I help you with in 2015?
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