Saturday, December 6, 2014

Moving Day

I have been through so many moves in my life*, and it doesn't really get better. Don't get me wrong--I'm built on the movement, on the freshness, on the constant chance to declutter, start over, set things up a new way.

But te older I get, te harder it is to pack and lift and unpack.

Here's the disaster of my current room (because pulling stuff out to pack it away always makes things worse):

And here's the room I'm moving into:

Same shape and size, but renovated and free of the god-awful rugs.

I'm going to keep you guys updated as I put it together, decorating mostly with what I already have. Decorating on the cheap!

Wish me luck!

*Lets see: Georgia, where I was born, to Pensacola FL; to Waynesville NC; to Istanbul Turkey, then Ankara; to San Vito Italy; to off base housing in Okinawa, then a green townhouse onbase; to a hotel, then a long-stay hotel in Kirn Scotland, then the backwards house (which I loved) in Dunoon, then the house one of my friends moved out of; then Orlando FL, then a cheaper place in Orlando by the Mall, then a cheaper place still by I-Drive; then St Augustine for the Flagler Dorms, the upstairs house, the big house (which I loved), the small house, back to the big house; then the townhouse in Jacksonville FL, which was great except for its lack of heat or AC; then up here to the small apartment in Raleigh, the bigger one, and now the renovated one. 24 moves in 34 years. 
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