Monday, December 22, 2014

Blessed Solstice!

Did you know that we once again, as a planet, survived the longest night of the year? I almost didn't notice, I'm so far off of celebrating the solar and lunar days, but past-me set an alarm years ago, repeating annually, and reminded me.

A long time ago, when I was living in a puppy-pile of a commune of a dorm, we would have gone out on the beach, built a huge bonfire, and tried not to freeze as we waited out the longest night to see the sunrise. One year, we saw shooting stars. More than one year, we danced and drank tea and wine warmed over the fire, and roasted apples with honey, and told stories.

This year, I'm feeling...drawn. Both in the sense that I feel pulled too thin across everything, and in the sense that I feel like my spirituality is surfacing again. I'm going to call it a triumph of health over wonky chemistry, because when I was sick and depressed, spirituality was not something I was feeling at all, ever, for years at a time.

I did t light a bonfire last night. Didn't even light a candle (too many cats jumping up on everything). But I did turn out the lights I usually leave on while I sleep, and slept in the natural dark, and when I woke up, I drew five cards to see what the universe had to tell me, and it sounds like hard work but good news.

This week is Christmas, which isn't really a solstice celebration but has a lot of the same themes hidden in there somewhere, under the credit card bills and tinsel. It's a nice contrast for me to have a quiet, private noting of the solstice, and then have a boisterous, food-filled and family-filled Christmas in the same week. Especially since I'm the only one who cares that we survived another long night.

Do any of you celebrate multiple holidays from multiple traditions? Have any of you built your own traditions from scraps and good ideas? Did you do anything for the solstice and will you do anything for Christmas or one of the 20-or-so other holidays at this time of year? Let's talk about midwinter celebrations!
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