Thursday, December 11, 2014

My sister's chicken chili recipe

Yes, this is the same pic I used on my last post--mostly because I had just taken this and then decided to do that post first.

This is the day after, so it's thickened up and is a fork-able food, but the first day it's more like usual chili. It's a sweeter, milder chili than beef chilis, and it's super economical and quick for weekday meals when you have all three kids at home, you and your spouse are working through dinner, and your nanny (me) has gluten issues.


She starts by boiling chicken with adobo and then shredding it; I usually just slice it when it's half-frozen and brown it in the chili pot with adobo, and sometimes chili powder or sazon. There's not real difference in flavor, it's more of a texture difference--and shredded chicken does go further.

So cook up that chicken. Add to the pot:
- three regular-sized cans of mixed beans--we get these at Kroger, and they're a blend of black, pinto and kidney beans. Of your grocery doesn't have that, do one can of each. Keep the juice in, or for a thicker chili, drain half.

- one of the giant cans of condensed tomato soup, or three of the regular sized ones. I haven't tried this with the orange or yellow tomato soups yet, but I bet it'd be good.

- a little water--like one bean-can-worth or less.

- one pack of chili seasoning, the same you get for beef chili. Because chicken is a milder meat, it tastes totally different, less salty and more sweet and chili-ful.

- a few tablespoons up to maybe 1/8th c regular or jalapeƱo ketchup.

Cook it until it's all boiling, the beans are soft and starting to fall apart just a little, and serve on rice to make it stretch and more filling. Top with cheese and sourcream. My dad likes hot sauce and olives on it, too.

If you like, you can throw in one chopped onion and one or two chopped peppers before of after the chicken, and soften them up a little before you add the beans and wet ingredients. I like to do this, but the kids don't like vegetables, so she stopped adding them--they just won't eat it when they're there.

So that's our lovely weekday fast chicken chili! It holds way for a few days in the fridge, freezes well for later, and serves maybe seven people (at least if two of them are small).

What's your chili like?
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